Jeremy’s Blog #5: San Jose Just 3 Days Away!

Well folks, the countdown to the San Jose Half Marathon is down to just a few days. Three days to be exact. I have been working towards this race for quite a while so I’m hoping it will showcase all of the hard runs in training that I have put in. Racing, however, can be a fickle thing I have learned over the years. Sometimes you can feel ready and prepared and you get a few miles in and find that your body isn’t all that psyched to be out racing. This is definitely not a phenomenon that applies specifically to running, as anyone that has taken any major exam or given a huge presentation or competed in any athletic event can attest to. Sometimes with the best intentions and preparation the day still doesn’t belong to you. The idea is to get as prepared as possible beforehand and hope that everything works out. With that said, I am still quite excited for the opportunity to be able to race on a historically fast course down at sea level in the half marathon for the first time!

My preparation has been going extremely well up to this point as I have been able to keep up good mileage weeks and manage to feel pretty good for my hard workout days as well. My last real hard workout last week in preparation for San Jose was an 8 x mile workout on Friday morning. The workout basically went like this:

Mile 1: 4:45, Mile 2: 4:45, Mile 3: 4:44, Mile 4: 4:44, Mile 5: 4:43, Mile 6: 4:43, Mile 7: 4:42, Mile 8: 4:38

Overall the effort was very controlled and I felt like I could run quite a few more at that pace if I needed to, which makes me feel more prepared and confident. Unfortunately, just a few hours after the workout I felt one of the tell tale signs of a cold coming on; a sore scratchy throat. This is one of those uncontrollable variables that can either cause you to let the train derail or you accept the situation and work to make it better. I have definitely chosen the latter and my cold has been getting better and better!

Short post this time, but I will keep everyone updated on how everything goes this weekend and of course beyond! Good luck to all those racing and running this weekend around the country!


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  1. FreedFan says:

    Stout workout bro. Crush it out this weekend, post the results ASAP ya.

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