Jeremy’s Blog #4: Fantasy Football Fiend

Football season has begun! Great news! In fact I am writing this blog while watching college football… More great news! But seriously, as soon as the leaves start changing and there is that little bit of crisp to the air, it signals not only the start of a new football season, but that which is much more important to a 135lbs. man like myself, the start of a new fantasy football season! Fortunately, it was a good start to the season for me as I led our Newton Warehouse League with 122 points this week.

On a related note, I actually get to go to a football game soon, which I am quite excited about. In a few weeks I will be in Folsom Field in Boulder to hopefully watch the CU Buffs get lit up by the Oregon Ducks. This game is a win-win-win for me if the Ducks win as I can see Oregon win, watch my college rivals CU lose, and make my girlfriend happy as she is a huge Ducks fan and is the primary reason I am attending the game.

…Now that I have lost all of the non-football fans out there…I have also done some running in the last week. I have been pretty darn happy with how I have been feeling lately and how I have responded to workouts. Kenyon and I were able to get together to work out on Tuesday after a 20 mile decently hilly long run on Saturday. We have been doing a workout of 300 meter, 200 meter, and 100 meter repeats on the track for the last month plus and we finally seemed to get it right this time. We averaged 44 low, 28 low, and 13 low for eight repeats with a very slow 200 meter jog in between each interval. The speed seemed to come pretty effortlessly, which is great considering I am training for a half marathon. Both Kenyon and I feel that getting a good speed session in is important. Arthur Lydiard, perhaps one of the most famous running coaches of all time always emphasized not only the development of endurance but also an emphasis on speed all year long. To complement this session, on Friday I ran a good endurance session of 1k repeats. These were the splits:

1st kilometer: 3:04, 2nd: 3:03, 3rd: 3:01, 4th: 3:01, 5th: 3:01, 6th: 3:01, 7th: 2:59, 8th: 3:00, 9th: 3:00, 10th: 2:58

The great thing was that the recovery was a 400m jog in ~1:35 – 1:37 and I felt really easy the whole way. I was definitely nervous about this workout considering I was still feeling a bit sore from Tuesday and I was going to be taking it on solo, but it is a good omen going forward.

Anyhow, good luck to all those playing fantasy this week and to all those with big runs coming up!

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