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Newton Running Elite is an elite Colorado-based running group supported by Newton Running with strong ties to its local community. We are made up of runners of all ages and specialties who race at an elite level in addition to holding full time jobs. Simply put: our members train and race for the love of the sport. Team members race in Newton Running shoes over any terrain and distance, and do so at a highly competitive level.

Newton Running Elite was founded on the idea that elite athletes don’t have to come from expensive training camps, with medical staff and a full time coach. Greatness can be achieved with early morning training sessions followed by a full day at the office and trips to the gym between meetings. The true test of an athlete is their dedication not only to their sport, but also to their profession, family and community.  Newton Running Elite (formerly Team Alchemy) strives to support those great athletes by providing an environment where runners of all ages can reach new heights and aspire for something gold.

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Newton Running


We’re a company that exists to inspire the world to run better.

We’re headquartered in Boulder, CO. This is particularly important to us. Boulder is a mecca for runners and outdoor recreationists. There’s no better place to keep our fingers on the pulse of what we so dearly love.

We’re runners. We love running. We eat, dream and sleep running. Where there’s a running event, there’s a Newton employee. Marathons, ultramarathons, 5Ks, triathlons – you name it, we’re there.

We’re teachers. We love helping people who want to improve their running form. Our entire organization is available to help, starting with our Newton Running Lab. The Lab hosts Newton running clinics and oversees our Newton Running coach certification program, training the coaches who bring Newton Running to the entire world.

We’re philanthropists. We believe strongly in the old adage “To whom much is given, much is required.” We’re proud to sponsor a number of charities and charitable events, including Athletes for a Cure, Trickle Up and One World Running.

We’re all this and more. We’re socially conscious, eco-friendly, digital savvy, dogs-in-the-office runners who are committed to bringing you the best in Newton running education and products.

We’re Newton Running.

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